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What's ReedTV?

ReedTV is an App that create a landing page for your Cloudflare stream.

Why ReedTV?

Cloudflare stream is one of the most affordable video stream providers. However, websites that use for embedded video posts don't correctly embed Cloudflare videos. The is one of the websites. ReedTV was born for solving the problem!

How it works?

ReedTV is easy to use! Go to Video, or if you would like to host a Live Stream, use Live Stream. Type your stream ID and some additional video information, then click the Create button. Note that you will have the option to set a custom edit code, so you can use it to update your link later. It will protect your link from being modified by others.

Pricing was originally started as a hobby project, and it was available for FREE. With continual improvements to this application for a better user experience, we are spending more time and efforts on it. Starting from October 2022, is offering service as SaaS.



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